Swim Lessons for Toddlers

Our aim is to empower parents by teaching them to progress at the child's pace using verbal cues, body language, and positive feedback. Using a gentle, our instructors guide parents in introduc ing their child to water skills. We teach basic swimming skills such as submersion.

Swim Lessons for Kids

Our philosophy at Kid Builders is that learning to swim should be simple, logical, and fun. We understand that every child is different with different needs and will progress at their own pace. Allowing children to explore and discover is an integral part of learning. Our instructors are trained to positively guide children through their lesson.

Swim Lessons for Adults

Learning to swim later in life can be a fun and rewarding experience. Adults take swimming lessons for a variety of reasons; such as, conquering fears, a different form of exercise, training for an event, or just learning a new skill. Whatever your goal may be, Kid Builders will help you achieve your goal.


Learn to swim in a safe and fun environment
Summer is a great time to have fun with the family, but before you go to the lake or your local water park, why not have the peace of mind knowing your child has been taught to swim by an instructor who has many accredidations!

Swim Lessons are based on individual skills
Kid Builders 4 life will teach your child to be a proficient swimmer this summer, based on your child's swimming ability.

Recent Comments

Mardi F.
"There's something about [Ms. Marilyn] that just captures those little people and gives them so much confidence!"

Dawn L.
"[Our son] can't wait to tell us at dinner what he has done with Ms. Marilyn that day!"